Friday, October 23, 2015

Review: Once Kissed by Cecy Robson

Once Kissed Once Kissed by Cecy Robson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Once Kissed is the first installment in the O'Brien series, this installment is Contessa and Curran's story.
It's a quick read but I won't be putting it in my re-read pile. The writing was okay, the story had promise but it was lacking depth and dimension. There was nothing for me to "sink" into it.

1.) Tess: how can you work in the DA's office and be so damn fragile! The character development coupled with the career path didn't work for me. To be a prosecutor you have to be headstrong and feel confident wielding one's personal power and Tess was more like the mail room clerk with her fragility. In a fictional world I like to see my leading ladies make sense. And Tess did not make sense to me. Perhaps if I'd had better history I would speak differently but the very few and small glimpses we get to her past/childhood aren't much to hold onto to in terms of justifying her weak character.

2.) The blip of action/excitement at the end was just...what? Oddly placed and moreover wrongly timed. I will not speak on it further for fear of revealing spoilers. I will say that I sniffed a bit of a Fifty "inspiration" on this scene which, I'm glad this happened towards the end of the book because....fifty and all that.

3.) Curran's character was nothing special. He's quite crass and rude and while I believe the author was going for a studly, jock-like demeanor the development of his character didn't quite bring that to fruition. Although I didn't dislike him, he's unforgettable at best. Nothing swoon worthy or remember worthy about him.

Once Kissed being my first foray with this author, I'm not completely writing her off. I've heard positive things about her pnr series so I will check those out before I make my final decision. I'm not sure if she's written contemporary romance previously and while the writing was okay, the story was flat. It could have been good with better development. It didn't cause me to have any of the "feels" I so crave with my romances. All in all just meh.

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